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    GrIqos Knee Massager

    Soothe your pain in 10 minutes With The Griqos Knee Massager

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    • 60-day free trial

    • 1 year warranty

    • Free shipping worldwide

    • Money-back guarantee

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    I am so amazed how wonderful this product works. I know that I have bone on bone in my knees but do not want to have knee surgery. I've been using this product since January and evern took it with me on vacation. What a life saver.

      Joyce E.

    Provide Comfort To Your Knees - 

    And Experience A Life Without Pain 

    The numbing, stabbing knee pain dictates your everyday life. 

    Long-term this can lead to more serious issues like surgery, injections, reliance on painkillers, irreversible chronic pain, and even immobility.

    The Griqos Knee Massager™ is designed to provide relief for all common knee pain issues.

    Get Your 20 Year Old Knees Back

    • Effective Pain Relief: say goodbye to knee pain caused by Osteoarthritis, chronic pain, Meniscus/Tendonitis issues, or swelling. The Griqos Knee Massager™ offers effective relief, allowing you to enjoy life without discomfort. 

    • Increased Blood Circulation: The Griqos Knee Massager™ stimulates blood circulation around your knee joints to promote healing and provide relief. in the affected area, kick-starting your body's inherent healing mechanisms.

    • Improved Flexibility: Get back to your daily activities and move freely again. The Griqos Knee Massager™ supports your knee health, provides immediate and long-term results, ensuring you can lead an active and pain-free lifestyle.

    • Easy-To-Use, Wireless & Rechargeable: The knee pain relief device is designed for ease of use, with a wireless, rechargeable setup. It allows for at-home use, eliminating the inconvenience of frequent medical appointments.

    How Does It Work?

    The Griqos Knee Massager™ combines scientifically proven gentle yet effective vibration massage, heat therapy, and red light therapy to rejuvenate your knee joints, effectively addressing issues such as Osteoarthritis, Bursitis, Meniscus/Tendonitis, and more.

    Soft massage air bags fully wrap around your knee, providing a massagingeffect on sore and tired joints.

    The built-in heating function allows for a fully adjustable therapeutic temperature, promoting blood circulation around your knee joints, stimulating healing, providing relief, and activating your body's innate self-healing mechanism.

    Simultaneously, our clinical-grade red light therapy reduces inflammation deep within the knee and supports healing and pain relief by supercharging your natural collagen production.

    This unique combination results in a revolutionary solution that provides both instant and long-term relief.

    Your 4-in-1 personal physical therapist

    • Vibration Massage: Discover the soothing power of massage therapy, specially tailored to reduce inflammation and swelling in the knee joint.

    • Heat Therapy: Heat helps increasing blood flow to the area, which can reduce pain and stiffness by increasing oxygen to the affected tissues.

    • Infrared Therapy: Infrared therapy penetrate the skin and stimulate cell repair and regeneration, improve knee function in people with knee osteoarthritis.

    • Laser Therapy: Applying low-level lasers to the affected area, this non-invasive treatment penetrates deep within the tissue, promoting cell renewal.

    How To Use 

    1. Secure it on your knee

    Attach The Griqos Knee Massager™ to your knee by fastening it in place, then initiate the device by pressing and holding the power button.

    2. Adjust Intensity

    Long press the power button to enter auto mode. Short press the heating and vibration buttons to change their intensities.

    3. Unwind

    Relax while using the Griqos Knee Massager™ for a period of 10-30 minutes, depending on your personal comfort level.

    Clinical Proof

    "Effectiveness of Vibrations, Movement, and Heat for Knee Arthritis"

    Efficacy of combined local mechanical vibrations, continuous passive motion and thermotherapy in the management of osteoarthritis of the knee:

    Four weeks treatment with combined CPM, vibration and local heating significantly decreases pain, improves ROM and the quality of life in patients with OA-K.

    G S Kitay, M J Koren, D L Helfet, M K Parides, J A Markenson from

    See How Thousands of people Got Rid Of Pain With the  Griqos Knee Massager™


    • What kind of  knee problem does this help with ?

    If you are dealing with Bone on bone arthritis, general knee pain, runner's knee, jumper's knee, mild MCL/LCL, tendinitis, sprains, swelling, stiffness, fractures, dislocations, meniscal tear, bursitis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, wear and tear or any other joint discomfort then the Griqos Knee Massager™ could help.

    • How does the Griqos Knee Massager™ work?

    The Griqos Knee Massager™ utilizes a combination of safe vibration massage, heat therapy, and red light therapy. These elements work together to stimulate blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and support the body's natural healing process, providing relief from knee pain.

    • How do I use it?

    Using the Griqos Knee Massager™ is easy and straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide:

    1.Preparation: Ensure the device is fully charged and ready for use.

    2.Positioning: Sit in a comfortable chair or on a flat surface with your knees exposed.

    3.Device Placement: Place the Knee Pain Relief Massager on your knee, ensuring it covers the entire knee area.

    4.Turn On: Power on the device using the user-friendly controls. Select your preferred settings, including vibration intensity and heat level.

    5.Massage Session: Allow the massager to work for 10-15 minutes, providing you with gentle vibration massage, heat therapy, and red light therapy.

    6.Enjoy Relief: During the session, you can relax and enjoy the soothing sensations. The device promotes increased blood flow, reduces inflammation, and activates the body's self-healing mechanism.

    7.Repeat Daily: For the best results, use the Griqos Knee Massager™ for 10-15 minutes each day. Consistency is key to experiencing both immediate and long-term relief from knee pain.

    Remember to follow the user manual provided with the device for specific instructions and safety guidelines.

    If you have any further questions about how to use the Griqos Knee Massager™, feel free to contact our customer support for assistance.

    • How often should I use the Griqos Knee Massager™?

    For optimal results, we recommend using the massager for 10-15 minutes a day. Consistency is key to experiencing both immediate and long-term relief from knee pain.

    • How fast will the it help me with my knee pain?

    Instantly! Our Knee Massager will provide instant relief from pain & tension the first time you use it. With consistent use over a two week period you will gain benefits that last a lifetime.

    • Can the Griqos Knee Massager™ overheat?

    Absolutely not. Our knee massager is equipped with protective technology which will not let the device overheat.

    • Can I use it at home?

    Absolutely! The Griqos Knee Massager™ is designed for at-home use, providing you with the convenience of pain relief in the comfort of your own environment. No need for frequent doctor visits or clinic appointments.

    • When will I get my order?

    We proudly offer free worldwide shipping. Orders are shipped using carriers selected by Griqos. Rest assured we are doing everything in our power to get your order to you as soon as possible! Once your order is dispatched, estimated delivery time is between 7-14 days(Up to 25 days in some rare instances). Please don't panic if it does not show up immediately, it's on its way. :)

    • How do I track my order?

    Go to Track Your Order page on the bottom of the page  or ( click here ) and insert your code. Please allow 2-3 business days for the tracking information to appear.

    • Can I get a refund?

    We have a 60-day refund policy. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the products you receive from us, you may email us for a full, no questions asked refund in the original form of payment.

    • Received damaged item ?

    During transportation, accidents can happen. You can rest assuredthat we are here for you. Please inspect your order upon reception andcontact us immediately if the item is defective, damaged or if youreceive the wrong item, at with a photo that shows the damage of your product(s). Please include your order number in the email.

    Returning the damaged product is not required.Our customer support team will be more than happy to offer you a full,free replacement of the damaged product(s) or a full refund through youroriginal payment method.

    Note: We are not responsible for any damage caused to the product due to incorrect use.

    • What currency are orders processed in?

    All prices are in USD. If you are using a credit card with a different currency, the conversion will be done by your bank.

    • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we ship all over the world for FREE! is not held responsible for any customs duties or import charges.

    • Can I cancel/modify my order?

    We process our orders very quickly and unfortunately cannot typicallymake changes after an order has been placed. If you want to cancel ormake any updates regarding your order please contact us at to see if a modification can be made.

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